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What our membership of PROBIZ means to you                                                                          


We are proud to inform you that we are members of PROBIZ, a group of over 400 independent accountancy firms, which enables us to have access to leading tax planning solutions and business advisory solutions previously the territory of only those who are clients of the top 10 or so accountancy practices.


This means our accountancy firm can provide you with a significant range of added-value solutions ranging from general accountancy to wealth creation and wealth management opportunities. Notably, we have access to a range of tax planning solutions with leading QC opinions with intent to help clients reduce their tax liability. Whilst we don't specifically offer such advice, we have been provided with relevant due diligence to suggest that our clients should consider looking at such options.

Due to both tax planning and non tax-based business solutions, more and more high-profile business and sports persons are changing to a PROBIZ accountant. Now credible sports clubs are officially partnering with PROBIZ as such clubs feel safe to be associated with 400 independent accountancy firms who are all performing their own levels of due diligence on solutions applicable to clients.

PROBIZ are Official Partners to Premier League club West Bromwich Albion, Super League Clubs Wigan Warriors and Castleford Tigers, while also partnering with cricketing sides Sussex, Lancashire and Hampshire County Cricket Clubs. In addition, PROBIZ has now set up a partnership with the LMA (League Managers Association) which is currently led by CEO Richard Bevan. The partnerships allow PROBIZ to forge relations with all league managers in the country whilst developing relations with the heads in the multi-billion pound sport. Many of the independent accountants are now working alongside PROBIZ to serve such clubs and players, as well as manage their compliance affairs whilst offering proactive advice to best assist client needs and desires.


We can offer this specialist advice and we are happy to discuss how the tax planning, pension planning, EIS investment and business solutions can best help you.

This is a fast changing world so let us know if you need advice from either ourselves initially of one of Probiz’s experts on any of the following:

  • Tax planning solutions 
  • Corporate Tax 
  • Personal Tax
  • Stamp duty planning 
  • Inheritance tax planning 
  • Capital Gains Tax planning 



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